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This tool finds widths and heights that almost (or, occasionally, exactly) correspond to a certain angle.

'Width' and 'Height' are assumed to be at a 90 degree (right) angle. They can be in other directions though, 'wide' and 'high' is only what the example triangle is.

Ex: I want to draw a clock face. Each hour will be 360/12 = 30 degrees further along. Inputting 30 suggests 7 by 4 is pretty close, 97 by 56 is closer. Depending on how exact I need/can measure, I can measure seven inches up from the center, then four toward the side, then draw a line center to there (and onwards). It will be 29.74 degrees from my first line - almost 30 (and the closest I can get measuring out only single digit whole number distances). Repeat (from the new line or rotate/flip to 12 3 6 9) until they're filled in.